Khudairi Petroleum Services works closely with the following manufacturers to provide value-added services complementary to the equipment, including installation, operations and maintenance, trained local technicians and field engineers:

NOV Fiber Glass Systems

Exclusive Distributor and Licensed Service Provider

  • Non-Metallic Composite Pipe

    • API Q1, API 15 HR Spoolable Pipe

    • API UL, IMO, ASTM, ABS, NSI High & Low Pressure Piping


  • Services

    • End to End Solutions for supply & installation of pipe

    • Deployment/stringing, lowering, connection of pipe sections

    • Management of construction activities including trenching, pre-padding & post padding

    • Backfilling, hydro-testing & commissioning

    • Supervision and project management

    • Local training and logistic support

    • Design, calculation and product selection.

NOV Tuboscope

Licensed Service Provider

  • Drill Pipe Inspection Services

    • Inspection of Tubulars

    • Hardbanding Services

    • Inspection of hardbanding equipment / rig components

    • Field-repair of API connections

NOV Intervention and Stimulation Equipment

Authorized Distributor

  • Well Intervention and Stimulation Equipment

    • Coil Tubing

    • Mixers and Pumpers

    • Nitrogen Units

    • Cementing Units

    • Acidizing Solutions


Exclusive Distributor and Licensed Service Provider

  • Mechanical Pipe Joining Solutions

    • Flexible Coupling

    • Piping Systems

    • Grooved Fittings

    • Flow Control

    • Valves

    • Fire Systems


  • Services

    • Onsite grooving & pipe joining solutions

    • Local trainings

    • Grooving machine rentals

    • Project management services

    • Supply of installation tool


Joint Venture Partner

  • Mechanical Service Joining Solutions

    • Process, Pipeline & Umbilical Services

    • Hydraulic and Industrial Services

    • Valve Testing services

    • Industrial services & chemical cleaning

    • Crane & lifting services

    • Specialist trainings

    • Asset Integrity Management